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Meet Our Team

Matt Buonantuono, APP Member Piercer

As a piercer of 18 years and a proud member of the APP, I am now working out of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Hanover MD. I strive every day to bring my clients the best in health and safety, customer service and jewelry selection.

Jessica Brown, Piercing Manager

With over 15 years of customer service and a love for people, I am excited to start working with Matt and helping all of you with all of your jewelry questions and needs. 

About Us


We pride ourselves with making sure that our clients leave the studio smiling whether it be from a fresh piercing or a new piece of jewelry for one that is healed. We guarantee all of our work and we are adamant that our job doesn't end until your piercing is healed. If you ever have questions, concerns, problems or issues we expect to hear from you so we can assist you. 


At Black Lotus, we offer nothing but the industries highest quality jewelry. For initial piercing we only use ASTMF-136 implant grade titanium, niobium, or 14k/18k gold and we have a large selection of jewelry to choose from. If there's something you're looking for and you don't see it in the studio, we can custom order it for you from any one of our many suppliers. 

We strictly use Anatometal, Neometal, Intrinsic Body and BVLA for initial jewelry and all comes with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer defects. 

We also carry a large selection of Maya Jewelry, Tawapa and various glass and organic styles as well for those larger sized piercings. 


Although piercings are generally viewed as an aesthetic addition to the body, we also want you to understand there is more to it than "just another hole". While most piercings really are only for aesthetics, you and you're body are still dealing with a fresh wound. We suggest being as careful as you can to keep from contaminating the piercing. We want you to have a happy piercing that heals flawlessly so you can enjoy it for years to come!

General Before and After Piercing Guidelines


The very first thing you need to do is research your piercer. I always recommend seeing someone who is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers as this shows that they have committed themselves to your health and safety. However, there are plenty of piercers that are amazing, who use superior jewelry, and will take great care of you that are not APP members. Go to the studio, look around, talk with the piercer. Look at their portfolios and check out their online reviews. Once you have picked someone that you are comfortable with - set an appointment. This ensures you have their full undivided attention for an allotted period of time. Prior to the appointment - have an idea of what you want to get pierced with a possible back up option. Sometimes piercings can't be done due to anatomical reasons or even the piercers moral/ethical views. You should also be sure to have a full meal an hour or two prior to the procedure. 


Ask questions. Most quality piercers will give you a full run down on everything you need to know with written instructions as well. These are very generalized and sometimes won't carry very specific information that caters to your lifestyle. if you have a question, ask it - we love talking to our clients and we want you to be comfortable knowing that you have all the info we can give you. Don't bring your entire friends list with you. We have plenty of room here for a friend or two for you to have some support while going through the procedure, but usually anything more than that can interfere with the procedure itself. Although we do have a large waiting area so if you do bring a group - they can hang out, look at beautiful jewelry, or watch some TV. Respect our time and the time of our other clients. We understand that you are nervous and anxious, but please keep in mind, we aim to bring everyone the best experience possible and we try to make sure all appointments run on schedule so no one is waiting too long. 

Lastly - have fun. This is a great experience for everyone involved and we want it to be a positive one for you, for us, and for your support team.


Once the piercing is done, try to relax. Take some deep breaths - your body just went through a minor procedure and may need some time to get back to normal. We go over all of our aftercare instructions once the piercing is done and this is also another great time to ask questions as well. 

Don't touch the piercing or move it in any way. Avoid it getting hit or pulled on as much as possible and overall just be careful and mindful of it.

Otherwise, enjoy your new beautiful piercing and make sure that if you have questions or concerns to let us know!


Standard Non-Oral Piercings

Spray a tiny amount of the NeilMed sterile saline wound wash you purchased from us on a gauze pad. Gently press the gauze pad against the piercing for 30 seconds 2 times a day (morning and night). While in the shower, after washing, let the warm water run over the piercing flushing out any chemicals that may have entered the channel.

Remember - your body will do all of the hard work. DO NOT touch, pick at, move or rotate the jewelry at all. Leave it alone as much as possible during the healing process.

Lip Piercings

For the outside of your new lip piercing, follow our Standard Non-Oral Piercings aftercare. 

For the inside of your lip, rinse with a chilled distilled water for 30 seconds after every time you eat or drink something for at least 4-6 weeks. 

Do not play with or rotate the jewelry and leave the piercing alone as much as possible while it is healing. 

You will experience mild swelling for a few days to a few weeks. You can use ice and cold compresses to help ease this as well as mild anti-inflammatories per your doctors discretion. 

Tongue Piercings

For cleaning rinse with chilled distilled water for 30 seconds after every meal and drink and every 2 hours in between as well. You will experience a decent amount of swelling and soreness and will need to keep ice on it somewhat consistently for the first 2-4 weeks. You can also use mild anti-inflammatories per your doctors discretion. 

We recommend that you stick with softer and less abrasive foods for the first few days until you get used to having the bar in your mouth. From there you can move up as you feel more and more comfortable with it.

Do not play with jewelry at all as this can cause tearing and scarring.


Does it hurt?

Unfortunately this isn't an easy question to answer, mainly because pain is perceptive. In general, yes, piercings do hurt; however, each person feels it differently. For the most part you will feel a small pinch while the piercing is being done, then a slight warm sensation with centralized aching for a few minutes afterwards. 

How Much Does It Cost?

We generally do not go over pricing unless it is in person and in studio. The price of your piercing will vary greatly depending on the piece of jewelry that you fall in love with. We offer free consultations at which point we discuss everything about the piercing, including anatomy, jewelry selection and total cost of the piercing.

What Metals Do You Pierce With And Do You Pierce With Rings Or Posts?

We only pierce with ASTMF-136 titanium, Niobium or 14k and 18k Gold jewelry. All jewelry comes with a mirror finish polish and a lifetime guarantee against any manufacture defect.

The answer to style of jewelry is both! For daith piercings and septum piercings we generally ONLY use CBR's (captive bead rings) or Circular Barbells (horseshoes). For most other piercings we recommend the use of studs or barbells first to aid in the healing process. There are some piercings i will not start with rings at all and these are all things we can discuss during the consultation process. 

Do You Pierce Minors?

The short answer is yes we do!! Just like with anything else, anatomy is the number 1 concern we check for. We also take into consideration your lifestyle (do you play sports, are you a swimmer, etc.). For earlobes our minimum age is 5; however, the young person getting pierced MUST be completely consenting to the procedure and understand exactly what's going on. Always remember that we reserve the right to deny any person a piercing service if we deem it morally/ethically wrong or if we feel the piercing will affect your health/safety negatively. 

DISCLAIMER: Under NO circumstances will we pierce nipples or genitals on anyone under the age of 18. We also do not perform surface work on individuals under the age of 18.

When Can I Change My Jewelry?

For the most part, we need to wait until the piercing has gone through its initial healing phase where the fistula has fully developed. For most piercings this ranges between 4 and 6 months. The only exception to this is if we are just changing out a top - we can do this after about a month.

Changing your jewelry too soon can result in irritation, piercing bumps, scar tissue and other issues as well.

Do I Need to Bring ID?

Yes you absolutely do. For anyone over the age 18 you must have a state or federally issued ID that can include drivers license or passport. If you are a minor or a parent bringing a minor in, you need a photo ID for both parent and child and the birth certificate for the child as well. Photo ID for parent can include drivers license or passport. Photo ID for the child can include anything with a recent picture and name attached including state issued ID, passport, school ID, etc. The birth certificate is to make sure the parent and child have the direct relationship. This is non negotiable and we cannot accept anything other than that.

For differing circumstances including emancipation, step parents, brother/sister with custody, etc. please contact us and we will discuss further.

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